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Hi from me to you

Notapor EA7JTQ » 2017-10-23 21:03

Hi Folks,

Just introducing myself. My name is Lissa and I have been licenced since 1966 as G8AZC, a licence that was only for use on frequencies above 144 MHz.

I am not as active as most amateurs as my interests are more into construction and design rather than operating. Unfortunately that pretty much came to a stop in 1984 when I was involved in a crash which permanently disabled me and now I'm wheelchair bound and have the use of only 1 arm. Having said that it doesn't stop me from my other interest, computers and I'm in the process of exploring data comms.

Professionally I am a qualified engineer and during my career worked in TX/RX R&D then as an Applications Engineer for a multinational Semiconductor Company.

Enough from me and I look forward to talking to you all.

Lissa (EA7JTQ)
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Re: Hi from me to you

Notapor EA5IST » 2017-10-26 14:24

Hi Lissa,

Nice to meet you, I am an expat operator my UK call is G0SBP and my Spanish call is EA5IST.

I have only had my EA call for a few weeks as I gave up Amateur Radio about 10 years ago and
had no inclination on operating here in Spain until FEDI EA showed my how easy it was to convert
to a Spanish call.

I have no HF gear at all now, i gave up 10 years ago and the HF bands are not very good at the moment.
I was very active with Digi modes PSK being my favourite along with CW.

I now only run digital UHF into the ED5ZAD Repeater using DMR or via a hotspot and Micro node for Allstar
and Echolink.

I hope we can work each other some time in the near future. Up here near Alicante there are a few Hams
who I am slowly making contact with so hoefully we could end up starting a local Club

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Re: Hi from me to you

Notapor EA7KIR » 2020-10-05 14:35

I joined FEDI in 2019, so this post is a little late.

I became a licensed amateur in 1979 when living in the small market town of Otley in Yorkshire, England. But after only a couple of years, family, work and other interests took over. That was until the summer of 2019 and moving house three times. With help from the RSGB and FEDI, I was able to get back on the air with a Spanish call. Living and operating on the Costa Del Sol is wonderful, and so is getting out portable with a 12 meter fibreglass pole and enjoying the countryside.

Dealing with the Spanish JPIT licensing bureaucracy has been challenging. My sincere thanks must go to FEDI. For without that help, I think I would have given up.
EA7KIR - Michael.
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